What is ChaosHost? We're a cloud based service for users of our Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos CRM software. In fact, we've been doing it since before they even called it the "cloud"!

In a way that is both affordable and easy-to-use, we can offer you a way to work together with your partners and co-workers when you aren't in the same location. We'll take care of the hard stuff so you can work together and get the job done without needing that pesky IT department to get involved.

ChaosHost.com keeps you protected by hosting a version of your contacts, appointments, tasks and projects databases here on our server. But it is much more than just a backup service.

what is chaoshost.com cloud service

 Keep reading for all the ways you can use ChaosHost...

Sync with your desktop using Time & Chaos or Intellect

Sync nowSupport for ChaosHost is already built into each version of Time & Chaos and Intellect.

To find it, go to the File menu and look for the option for Cloud Synchronization. (Older versions say Web Synchronization.)

The first time you use it, go to Settings to enter your login name and password. After that you'll use Synchronize Now to upload your data to this site and to download any changes made elsewhere back to your computer!

Current versions of Intellect and Time & Chaos also have auto-sync options to synchronize throughout the day or when you start or stop your desktop application.


Work online using full size computer web browsers or large screen tablets like iPads

Away from your computer that has our "real" software? Use our web-based application and you'll get an online crm program that is similar to the current versions of Intellect and Time & Chaos.

chaoshost live web edition screen shotWhen you return to your computer, you can sync the changes to keep your desktop software up-to-date!

Take a close look at this screen shot and you'll see this is actually a picture of our web app running in a browser!

You can use this online version of our contact manager from any computer-based web browser such as Internet Explorer (8 or newer), Apple Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.


Work online using small screen devices with our mobile web app

Have a modern mobile device? Try our specialized version of ChaosHost designed for mobile device-sized browsers. This includes iPhone/iPod Touch devices and Google Android devices.

Just type the address https://www.chaoshost.com/m/ into your device's mobile web browser and you'll see an optimized interface for the smaller screen size. No installation necessary as it runs directly from our server.

iPhone users can even put application icons right on the home screen by adding bookmarks for each supported type of data!

calendar     contacts     tasks     memos


Over-The-Air Sync with ActiveSync devices

Many current mobile devices can synchronize with Corporate servers using a technology called Exchange ActiveSync. If your device has this feature available, you can likely synchronize it with ChaosHost, too.

Synchronizing gives you the advantage of having a local copy of your data to work with even when you don't have Internet access and couldn't use our Mobile ChaosHost.

Most devices that support ActiveSync can synchronize Contacts and Calendar data. Some devices can even sync Tasks as well.

Setup instructions can be found in the ChaosHost.com Help Files if you want more details.


In summary, with ChaosHost you can...

  • Use the same data at home and at work without remembering to bring a copy home with you.
  • Have other team members share your database and let everyone make updates that are passed along to all users.
  • Keep multiple offices in sync with new and edited items getting passed back and forth through our service.
  • PLUS, have access to our web apps to use your data from locations where you don't have our software installed!
  • Even sync with modern mobile devices for a portable copy of your data on the go!

Free 30 day trial available!

Call our sales department today to ask for a 30 day FREE trial (no obligations, no credit card charges, no hassles). We want you to have the chance to see our service work in the "real world" before you pay to subscribe!

Call us at (972)759-1121 and we'll get you up and running in minutes! Our normal business hours are 8:30AM to Noon or 1:00PM to 5:00PM, M-F, Central Time.